The Pet Wrap is designed to be different.

The patented tacky gel grabs about anything and can be washed and reused over and over again! Swiftly pick up pet hair, dander, pet allergens and debris with our patented, non-toxic soy based ElasTak.

TIRED OF YOUR cleaning your pets hair, dander, and debris?

Grabs Almost Anything

Our non-toxic ElasTak technology uses tacky gel to grab almost anything! It quickly picks up hair, debris, dander, allergens, fleas, dust, and even mites

Easy to Wash and Reuse

The Pet wrap is reusable and washable. When cleaned, The Pet wrap performs like new over and over again. Simply wash, rinse, air dry and reuse.

Environmentally safe & pet friendly

Rest-assured The Pet Wrap is environmentally safe and pet friendly. It is made from a non-toxic soy based gel and it will NOT leave a residue behind

See what others are saying


Pet Wrap has been a life saver for my couches! Between cleaning up after my kids and our cat, Fluffy, The Pet Wrap not only cleans up after my cat, but all the crumbs the kids leave behind too!

Samantha K.



I store my small Pet Wrap in my purse so when I have my pet’s hair on my clothing or lint. I just pull out my Pet Wrap and all my clothes are perfectly clean!

Julie G.



I love Pet Wrap because it cleans the dog hair out of my backseat in seconds! Rather than the hassle of getting the vacuum cleaner out. It’s been a life saver! I love the Pet Wrap!

Josh K.



I can tell you that when my husband first told me about the The Pet Wrap I was skeptical. I am no longer a skeptic! The Pet Wrap does everything it claims and then some. It has made cleaning up after my Frenchie’s much easier as they loveee to sit on the furniture.




I use my Pet Wrap in my car! It’s easy to store and it after my puppy rides in my car it’s easy to clean up the seats! I love my Pet Wrap and I feel like everyone needs one for their car!

Susan H.



If you are a pet lover like me then you know that the love comes with hair…everywhere. This product is the best I’ve used on the market. Its quick, easy, and it does twice the work of a vacuum! 

Andrea P.



What is ElasTak?

ElasTak is our patented, non-toxic soy based tacky gel which grabs almost anything. It is environmentally safe, pet friendly, reusable and washable.